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1:1 Consulting


Tailored financial consulting packages with a holistic approach

Grace specialises in Financial Consulting and Advice for women in business. She is passionate about financial literacy and believes that women can grow successful businesses through shared knowledge and education.

Services offered to female business owners through her personalised financial consulting service include:

  • Financial Health Checks
  • Budgeting and cash forecasting
  • Data analysis to help business owners make decisions to aid grow
  • Bookkeeping training and supervision
  • Financial Systems Management includes implementing new systems, internal controls, customised check-lists and templates

Whether you are running a small business or part of a Not For Profit Grace’s extensive knowledge in business and finance will guide you to make informed decisions that will benefit your organisation. Grace knows that each business is unique and that each business woman will need their own customised plan. This is why her first step is always a complimentary online consult to discuss your specific needs and situation. Grace will assess your current position and create an action plan based on your goals and requirements. Contact Grace here.