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Financially Empowered Mission Statement

To support women in small business and corporate roles to build their financial confidence and literacy. Grace is committed to creating accessible opportunities for financial learning and growth for all women. She is passionate about making a positive contribution and difference to the world by supporting not for profit and community organisations with their financial needs.


1:1 Consulting

Grace specialises in Financial Consulting and Advice for women in business. She is passionate about financial literacy and believes that women can grow successful businesses through shared knowledge and education. Whether you are running a small business or part of a Not For Profit Grace’s extensive knowledge in business and finance will guide you to make informed decisions that will benefit your organisation.



Create an event that will leave the audience Financially Empowered by booking Grace! Grace Mugabe is a guest and keynote speaker who provides passionate and inspiring messages to a range of audiences from various backgrounds. Her presentations will inspire you and your audience to become financially empowered and reach for what you really desire in life.


Financial Literacy Workshops

Grace’s financial literacy workshops are designed for women in small business, community groups and not for profit organisation. Each workshop is customized to meet the particular needs of the group or organisation.

Financially Consulting for Women by Grace Mugabe

Small Business CFO

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be of incredible value for a business’ long-term strategic planning and daily operational activities. However, for small and micro businesses it can seem like a big expense. By engaging the services of an outsourced or off-site CFO you can still get all the benefits of high-level financial expertise without the big price tag or commitment. In essence you are able to share the costs of a full-time CFO amongst several businesses whilst still getting the assistance your business needs.

Event Speaker Finance Perth

Not For Profit Consulting

Grace provides consulting specifically designed for Not For Profit organisations as well as financial literacy workshops that are tailored for not for profit organisation.